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Popular Questions

Why does my paint look dull?
After years of unsafe car washes, UV rays and different contaminants damaging the vehicles paint, the exterior will be covered in swirl marks, minor scratches and Ultraviolet rays will have caused fading to the paint. To bring back the mirror like finish, original gloss, a smooth feel, and removing all swirl marks/minor scratches, the vehicles paint will need Paint Correction by using our Rupes Machine Polisher.
When should I wash off insect residue?
Insect residue will need to removed quickly in a safe procedure using various products and clean microfiber towels ensuring no damage is caused. The residue can sometimes contain toxins that will burn through the paints lacquer causing defects.
What kind of car wash should I choose?
Always choose professional detailers like us who will treat your vehicle as if its our own, using various methods, using safe products, and using safe washing techniques ensuring quality results, without causing any damage. For example, not adding swirl marks to the paint, not using corrosive chemicals, safe methods to clean leather or upholstery seats.
How do you remove stains & marks from upholstery seats?
We use a top of the line Upholstery/Carpet Extractor which will remove deeply embedded stains, dirt, food, drinks, to bring back the original clean look. Using pressure, water & suction to ensure nothing is left behind, and the seats aren’t wet through.

Quality of Service

Here at Detailing Kings we pride ourselves on the finished result, assuring each customer will receive the finest service available hassle free. We treat each vehicle as if it’s our own providing ultimate care for your prized possession and leaving you with fantastic results.

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